$250.00 to $600.00

This process takes up to 6 hours depending on length and thickness of the hair. It is a permanent straightener and requires a consultation. Please call the Rosedale salon location for more information and to schedule a free consult.


NEW! Cezanne and Brazilian formaldehyde free smoothing service! 

​Hair Fusion

​YUKO Japanese Smoothing

Cezanne & Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Services

$150.00  and up, depending on how much product needs to be used. Includes Cut and Style.

Hair Extensions

$13.00 per piece, applied. A full head typically costs $250.00 - $350.00. Cut and Style included.

$5.00 per piece to remove, refurbish and reapply.

Permanent Waving

Basic Perm and Haircut                                                   $60.00 and up

Perm, Haircut and Style                                                  $65.00 and up

Long Hair and Specialty Wraps                                         $75.00 and up


Basic Color Touch Up                                                         $55.00

First Time All Over Color                                                   $65.00 and up

Frost ( Short hair only)                                                      $55.00

Full Bleach Out with Toner                                                $60.00 and up

Full Highlights                                                                  $75.00 and up

Full Highlights with Base Color                                           $85.00 and up

Fun Colors, Ombre or Balyage                                  Price by Consultation 

Because there are so many variables with color, your stylist will quote a price before performing the color service.

Prices for long or thick hair may be higher, see "and up" as noted. Be sure to discuss your budget and hair color desires carefully with your stylist.

All color services include toner, if needed, and after color conditioners.            

Hair Cutting - Design and Styling

Basic Adult Cut - Includes Shampoo                                                   $17.00

Basic Child's Cut - Includes Shampoo  (Age 11 and under)                   $16.00                           

Razor Haircut                                                                                  $18.00

Adult Haircut and Quick Dry                                                            $25.00 

 Adult Haircut and Curling Iron Style                                     $35.00 to $45.00

Child's Haircut and Curling Iron Style                                     $20.00 

Shampoo and Roller Set                                                        $18.00

Curling Iron Set                                                                    $18.00 - $35.00

Bang or Nape Trim                                                               $9.00

Beard Trim                                                                          $8.00 - $10.00