Mandy is our newest addition to the Gosford location. Her dedication to her clients and professional demeanor have earned her many requests, and the respect of the Gosford crew.

Jordyn - Rosedale Salon

​We have celebrated 37 years in business! I am grateful to the community of Bakersfield for the support and generations we have served. We appreciate our customers! I still do hair and feel so fortunate to be in a profession that remains ever changing and exciting.

​Jordyn is our newest apprentice. The best way to get a stylist education is from other experienced stylists with a hands on approach. We are pleased that Jordyn has chosen this industry and is working with us!

​Gaby started employment with us at the Oswell location. Those clients and crew miss her now that she works at the Gosford location! Gaby has teaching experience and is well versed in color processes. She is bilingual and a pleasure to work with.

Mandy - Gosford Location

Jennifer comes to us with a wealth of experience in this industry. She has inspired many excellent reviews and we appreciate that she chose to work at Hair Fusion! 

Jennifer - Rosedale Location

Darlene - Gosford Location

Darlene is an expert at fine color and bleach weaves. While she excels at all salon services, we often recommend some of the most difficult detail work to her. She is a very welcome addition to our team!

​Natalie loves color and her clients! She is a very welcome addition to the salon. Her creativity and passion for the industry is apparent. Welcome, Natalie!

​Gaby   Gosford Location

​Lisa - Gosford Location

​Natalie   Gosford Location

Gabi - Oswell Location

Stylist​ and Ombre Specialist

Gabi comes to us with Paul Mitchell training. She is excited to be working with experienced professionals and is very familiar with the Oswell Salon. She use to get her hair done there while growing up! 

​Angie - Gosford Location


With her sweet personality, Angie is a delight to have in the salon. Her clients love the time she takes to make sure the service is perfect. Her sincerity shows!

Lorene - Oswell Location


Lorene has been a stylist for 38 years. She has a large client base, and enjoys the fact that her client's children now come to her.

Lily - Oswell Location


​Lily takes hair design to a new level. Her hair cutting and styling expertise is second to none. This shows in her client base! Lily has 12 years experience.

Vi - Rosedale Location


Vi has been a stylist for 30 years, 25 of them with Hair Fusion! She plans to retire in 2015,  but we won't let her. Her clients (and us) would simply miss her too much.

Amalia - Rosedale Location


​Amazing Amalia! That should be her name. Amalia comes to us with 26 years of experience. Her dedication to her clients IS amazing. She is a very welcome member of our team.

Cesar - Oswell Location


​Cesar has 26 years experience. His wide client base proves he is skilled in this industry. Cesar loves to hear his client's stories, and excels at hair cutting and design.

Selena - Gosford Location


​Selena is following in her Mother's foot steps! She has grown up in the salon, and has been influenced by her Mother's career choice. Both Mom & Daughter work at the Gosford location. Selena is a natural in the industry and is already a popular stylist!

Eileen - Oswell Location

Manager and Receptionist

​Eileen has been with us since 2001! She is the glue that holds the salon together. We would be lost without her!

Emelda - Gosford Location

Stylist and Manager

​Emelda loves color! Her 23 years of experience and love of laughter makes her a very popular stylist.

Amanda, Tara & Melissa- Rosedale Location

Rosedale Management Team

These three are top notch professionals. Always working together to get the best results for our clients, the Rosedale location is in expert hands!

Lori - Oswell Location


Lori has been a stylist for 17 years. Her clients love her sweet personality and her sincerity in pleasing them. She is multi talented and can perform any hair care sercice.

Isabel has over 20 years experience. She is currently the manager at the Oswell location. Isabel is bilingual in English/Spanish, and is very proficient in all aspects of the hair care industry. She loves the Bakersfield area and it's people. She is happy to be a part of Hair Fusion, and we are very happy she is!

The newest addition to the Gosford salon, Lisa comes to us with many years of hair cutting experience. Her sweet personality and communication skills are evident. We look forward to seeing all of the skills she brings to our salon!

​Jennifer - Owner & Website Author - Stylist at Gosford

​Isabel - Oswell Location

​Hair Fusion